Why Revision Skincare Is Rated Highly In The Woodlands

The Newest Powerhouse on the Skincare Market: Revision Skincare

Ahh,the hunt for the perfect skincare brand. At this point, it’s almost a right of passage for most people. It’s similar to finding the perfect little black dress – you scour social media, ask your friends for their favorites, and rummage through reviews, often left with something that’s just a little off.

Now, there’s one skincare brand in The Woodlands, Texas that may just be everyone’s holy grail: Revision Skincare (link to products tab).

What is Revision Skincare?

Revision Skincare is a line of professional strength skincare products. The creators of Revision Skincare are also pioneers in the beauty space. Not only are their products professional-grade, but they formulate their products based on the skin’s natural functioning as well.

The Science Behind Revision Skincare

Now all of the above sounds really promising, but is it all just standard marketing language? For Revision Skincare, no, it’s not. In fact, there are some strong reasons why Revision Skincare lives up to its hype:

  1. Revision Skincare formulates their skincare solutions inspired by the skin’s many pathways.
  2. Revision Skincare’s product line consists of the most comprehensive package of peptides (which are the amino acids that are needed for healthy skin). Peptides are particularly known for their anti-aging effect. In fact, a clinical study showed “significant improvements in skin wrinkles for all of the five sites were observed after two weeks, as assessed by skin topographic measurements” when the participants used peptides in their skincare routine. 
  3. The majority of Revision Skincare’s products contain a skin-neutral pH. Your skin pH levels can affect how you react to skincare as well as how you retain moisture, so not disrupting it is key to best results.
  4. Revision Skincare formulates products to harness the power of the Microbiome. One study explains why it is important to consider the microbiome when formulating skincare products: “It was suggested that daily use of skincare products could affect the microbial structure of facial skin as well as the biophysical properties of the facial skin. These findings expand our understanding of the role of skincare products on the skin environment.” 
  5. Revision Skincare formulates all of their products to be compatible with each other, offering the ultimate skincare routine.

Not only are Revision Skincare’s products scientifically formulated based on the natural functioning of the skin, according to the Revision Skincare site, they are also the first to: 

  • Use peptides to combat aging
  • Use THD Ascorbate instead of L-Ascorbic Acid, and the only ones to use THD Ascorbate at 30% (THD Ascorbate is a more stable and less irritating delivery of vitamin C)
  • Create at-home neck therapy
  • Use the Microbiome to provide anti-aging benefits to the neck and decolletage 
  • Develop a comprehensive anti-aging tinted moisturizer which contains 100% all-mineral sunscreen. No harmful chemicals here!

Revision Skincare’s Product Line

Another reason more and more people are turning to Revision Skincare is their vast product line (which, as mentioned, all works synchronously). 

Revision Skincare’s product line includes anti-aging skincare, cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and body care. With Revision, customers can even sort by skin concern and sensitivity level to help them find the safest and most effective products for their skin.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Again, the formerly mentioned formulation techniques and vast product line sound great, but does this approach to skincare work? According to research studies, it does. 

One study in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology looked into how effective and tolerable Revision Skincare’s multi-ingredient, anti-aging face moisturizer and eye cream are. The study found that “Statistically significant improvement was shown in both clinically graded parameters and bio-instrumentational analyses at all time points. Both products were well tolerated by subjects.”

Not only does the research speak for itself, but there are also a plethora of positive Revision Skincare reviews across the internet. 

Revision Skincare in The Woodlands, Texas

If you are in The Woodlands, Texas area and want to try Revision Skincare or learn more about their products, contact Dr. Natalie Drake’s Practice Happiness Med Spa today at 281-402-3268.