What is a ThermiVa Procedure?

ThermiVa Procedure and Results

What is ThermiVA?

ThermiVa is the most current FDA cleared ThermiHealth procedure. It uses controlled, radiofrequency energy to transfer heat; applying heat to tissue has become the standard for promoting collagen production, which helps to strengthen the support columns and improves the integrity of the skin. This treatment is the first and only temperature controlled radio frequency system being used non-surgically in aesthetics.

With ThermiVa, there is no recovery time and no anesthetics are required. Patients report feeling comfortable and pleased with results following the procedure. While results vary from patient to patient, most patients see an immediate improvement following the procedure!

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How does ThermiVa work?

ThermiGyn has mastered the delivery of controlled-heating. The ThermiVa technology uses real-time temperature monitoring and regulation, ensuring that the therapeutic temperature delivered to the sub-q layer is reached and maintained throughout each patient’s treatment.

ThermiVA results

ThermiVa works so well because the use of radiofrequency contracts tissues to a tighter bundle, encourages collagen production, and may help in tissue and nerve healing; radiofrequency has been used for therapeutic effects on muscular and tissue healing in physical therapy practices for decades. Altogether, the heating of the skin a mucosa yields a tri-fold effect:

• The immediate contraction of collagen
• Immediate collagen remodeling and elasticity, and
• Long term stimulation and production of new collagen

The goal of the treatment is to address your underlying tissue to solve the problems associated from childbirth, aging and menopause.

Typical results include:

• Vaginal tightening
• Urinary incontinence minimized
• Vagina appearance improvement

Why choose ThermiVa

At Practice Happiness we use ThermiVa technology for our vaginal rejuvenation. ThermiVa uses radiofrequency to achieve vaginal tightening, improve bladder leakage, increase vaginal moisture and lubrication, and improve sexual function. ThermiVa is a painless, easy to tolerate treatment. There no need for anesthesia, and there is no downtime (no need to abstain from sex, and no unpleasant discharge after the procedure). The procedure is non-invasive (does not break the skin or the mucosa) and safe. There have been no reported burns or blisters nationally through tens of thousands of procedures performed.

ThermiVa is NOT a laser. It does not bore holes in the vaginal mucosa requiring anesthesia, causing pain and discharge, and forcing patients to abstain from sexual activity for three to seven days like many of the other vaginal rejuvenation procedures. ThermiVa is just as effective as the laser forms of therapy, and all ThermiVa treatments include internal/vaginal and external/labia treatment