ThermiVa Reviews in The Woodlands

Hear From Our Patients

I accidentally came upon ThermiVa, the vagina rejuvenation treatment when searching for a breast augmentation doctor. After reading about ThermiVa and all the wonderful reviews, I told my husband, “I’ve got to try this!”  I’ve had leakage when laughing and sneezing but my biggest issue was dryness and zero desire for sex. I also get many, many bladder infections, likely due to using lubricants from all my vaginal dryness. Well, I had my first treatment September 12, the 2nd on October 17th and the final today, November 14th. I must say this is by far the best money I’ve ever spent. I don’t need to use lubricants anymore – not needed since the first treatment. It’s been amazing. I’m 57 and haven’t cared for sex much in a very long time….years, in fact. My desire was completely gone and it would take a couple a Rita’s to get me close to the mood…then sometimes I’d just go to sleep instead. Not the case anymore! My libido is through the roof, seriously!  All my husband has to do is touch me and sometimes he doesn’t have to do that…my desire is that strong now. It’s the best sex I’ve EVER had. We both laugh, thinking how funny that sex is at it’s best in our fifties.  The procedure is painless and the results are immediate. If you suffer from ANY of these issues, I highly recommend ThermiVa. It’s truly wonderful to experience desire again!

For me, this was a very personal procedure and really the only professionals ever in that area of my body have been OB/GYNs. Finding Dr. Drake and her being an OB/GYN was a big positive – that alone made me more comfortable with the procedure. Plus, Dr. Drake is so personable and comfortable to talk to. She is very thorough and made me feel like I’ve know her for years. We talked about anything and everything during the procedure – no awkwardness at all!

-Satisfied Lady

I highly recommend both this procedure AND Dr. Drake. Vaginal dryness and painful intercourse were plaguing me as I entered menopause, and Thermiva was a game changer! The results were amazing. The procedure helped to stimulate my own ability to lubricate, my vaginal tissues felt more responsive (so no more pain, just pleasure), all the area around the labia was tightened (I felt young again!), and the best bonus prize was a heightened sensation of orgasm! Another definite advantage of the tightening is the bladder support; especially after having three vaginal births. Dr. Drake has a vast amount of medical knowledge and expertise on women’s pelvic issues. She is a fabulous communicator and put me at complete ease. I would do this a thousand times over.


I had my first ThermiVa procedure on Friday, November 15, 2019 for stress incontinence, urgency, and vaginal dryness. I was waking up a minimum of 3 times nightly to go to the restroom. One week after my first ThermiVa treatment, I was sleeping all night without waking up to go to the restroom. This has drastically changed my quality of life, completely improved the texture and look of my vagina; it looks like a new version of the younger me. I highly recommend this treatment to everyone suffering from any form of incontinence or vaginal dryness. ThermiVa has truly made a difference in my life!

Debbie G.