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What is the vaginal rejuvenation treatment with ThermiVa?

Specifically, vaginal rejuvenation treatment with ThermiVa contracts and stimulates your vaginal tissues into a tighter bundle. It also encourages new, tighter collagen production and may help in tissue and nerve healing. With TherimVa’s Radio frequency technology, therapeutic effects are delivered to muscles and tissue s for healing. This has been well known and used in physical therapy practices for decades.

What symptoms does vaginal rejuvenation treat?
Painful Sex
Vaginal Dryness and Pain
Urinary Incontinence
Leaky Bladder
Vaginal Laxity

How do you treat vaginal rejuvenation symptoms?

You may have considered addressing vaginal rejuvenation to treat your symptoms with a cosmetic procedure known as vaginoplasty or labiaplasty. Both these require surgery and do not address the underlying tissues in the same way as non-surgical radio-frequency vaginal rejuvenation, which stimulates your own body’s natural response to re-grow new collagen.

Dr. Drake evaluates and examines each patient, their symptoms, age and lab work to discuss the optimum treatment plan to fit their needs. By using the natural and non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation process created with temperature-controlled radio frequency, your vaginal area typically becomes more vibrant developing new collagen production and vascularity. If you are experiencing symptoms and are not a candidate for hormone replacement therapy, ThermiVa or O Shot PRP Injections may be right for you.

For this treatment, Dr. Drake uses the latest in radio-frequency vaginal rejuvenation called ThermiVa: a non-invasive approach for labial and vaginal tightening as well as mild to moderate urinary incontinence. She may also discuss the benefits of natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy such as BioTE® or O Shot PRP Injections.

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What is Vaginal Rejuvenation and ThermiVa ?
ThermiVa is an office-based, non-invasive procedure for labial and vaginal tightening. A radio frequency generator powers an “S” shaped hand piece that tightens external and internal vulvovaginal tissue via a thermistor tip which is able to control the amount of heat delivered. The tip is designed with curves that provide comfort. ThermiVa is a safe alternative to traditional labiaplasty procedures.

Dr. Natalie Drake Discusses What to Expect with ThermiVa

What Symptoms can be addressed to repair urinary incontinence, vaginal and labial laxity ?

Vaginal Laxity:
This will tighten both the vaginal opening and the full length of the vagina. This is usually noticeable to both the patient and a partner.

Vulvar and Labial Laxity:
This will tighten the labial (external) tissues, reducing sag and “camel toes.” This results in softer, smother skin, more comfort in tight clothes, and less self-consciousness in exercise clothes and bathing suits. Whereas traditional labiaplasty procedures were surgical and invasive, ThermiVa is safe and non-invasive.

Vaginal Dryness or Atrophy:
This will add more resilient, thicker, more youthful skin and more moisture both internally and externally to make daily activity and sexual intercourse more comfortable without the use of hormones.

Mild to Moderate Stress Urinary Incontinence:
This will decrease accidents and leakage of urine and may reduce urge symptoms. Along with Kegel Exercises, women may be able to avoid surgery and the use of mesh slings in their vagina’s.

Sexual or Orgasmic Dysfuncton:
May result in increased sensitivity, more coordinated and stronger muscular contractions, and ability to achieve orgasms in a shorter period of time.

*ThermiSmooth is FDA approved for soft tissue coagulations while ThermiVa is pending FDA approval for vaginal tightening indication and patent pending with the USPTO. The controlled radio frequency energy transfers heat directly to the desired vaginal region. External (labia) and internal vaginal looseness (laxity) is treated using this tightening method.

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