Month: December 2016

Is Thermiva Right for Me?

The Thermiva treatment has come to the greater Houston area! The only question now is, is it right for you? Thermiva is an FDA approved, safe, nonsurgical, non-invasive treatment that targets loose vaginal tissues using controlled heat energy. Some of the incredible benefits of the Thermiva treatment include increased orgasmic function, tighter muscles, better lubrication,…

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The Girlfriend’s Guide to ThermiVa

Like any medical procedure, there are technical ways to talk about Thermiva. You’ll see phrases floating around like ‘vaginal atrophy’, ‘atrophic vaginitis’, and ‘vulvovaginal tightening’ that may just have you wanting to run for the hills. Don’t. The procedure isn’t scary, intimidating, or all that complicated. AND it works. To ease the tension, we at […]

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